Saver One – T

Saver One T Basic (code SVT-B0008)

A smart and easy-to-use AED Trainer providing realistic training for many responders simultaneously.
Designed to meet needs of any instructor, it helps your responders learn to use defibrillators in simulated sudden cardiac
arrest episodes for an extremely realistic training experience. A non-shocking unit that follows the 1, 2, 3-step operations
of the Saver One defibrillator and guides responders, with voice prompts in various languages, from ECG analysis until
shock and CPR. It is pre-configured with 10 realistic training scenarios manageable from distance with a wireless remote control.

SAVER ONE T Versions come equipped with one set of Adult and Pediatric reusable training pads, a remote control. The Saver One T is equipped with a Li-SOCI2 disposable battery, code SAV-C0903. That is a 3500 mAh long-lasting battery able to power the unit in continuous operating.
A quick reference card, an user manual and a carrying case.